Hostel Amenities

All our hostel accommodation offers support to the people living there.
There is always a staff member available to chat, help and support is 24/7, 365 days a year.

All our hostel accommodation offers support to the people living there. There is always a staff member available to chat, help and support is 24/7, 365 days a year.

Basic Safety and Security Features

All our hostels are safe and secure with a Night Duty Supervisor on duty at each hostel every night of the year. Entry to each hostel is by buzzer system, which is also monitored by CCTV. There are no curfew times. Each resident has their own key to their own bedroom and in each bedroom, there are personal safes, key codes are set by the residents themselves and the master key is kept secure in the hostel manager’s office.


All our hostels provide 4 meals a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. All meals are served in a communal dining room and the menu is varied, healthy and is seasonally adjusted.

Our team of Chef/Housekeepers try wherever possible to help those residents with strict dietary needs, such as vegetarians, lactose or starch intolerant etc.

We also like to hold regular International Food Nights – where the menu is tailored to a specific country and where the residents can get involved in planning the menus, shopping for the produce and helping to prepare, cook and serve the food to the other residents.

Tea/Coffee Bars

A number of our hostels provide refreshments via our communal tea and coffee bars. Other light refreshments between meals are also available from the kitchen, served by a staff member, until 9.30 pm – when we close the kitchen.

A Common Area

In addition to shared dining room spaces, all our hostels have common areas, which are great places to meet and interact with others. Some of our hostels provide computers for our residents to undertake job searches, training courses, write CV’s and stay in contact with their family and friends.

Some of our hostels also provide recreational activities such as a pool table, table tennis, books, DVD’s, music and games. 

Ensuite & Shared Bathrooms

Each hostel has a number of ensuite and shared bathroom facilities, consisting of a shower, wash basin and a toilet.

All Over WiFi

Each of our hostels provide WiFi throughout the entire hostel, with individual passwords being issued for security and monitoring purposes.

Laundry Facilities

Each hostel offers a first free wash on entry to the hostel and after that a small charge may be levied per wash (i.e. 50p/£1 per wash). Dryers are available to use and irons/ironing boards on request.

Linen & Towels Included

All our hostels provide our residents with free bed linen (quilts, sheets and pillow cases), which is laundered on a weekly basis. Each resident is supplied with a towel and toiletry pack on entry to the hostel.


Our aim is to make our hostels happy, safe and respectful places to stay for all our residents, staff, volunteers and visitors. This means there are several key rules which we ask our residents to adhere to, at all times.


All our hostels enforce a no smoking policy in the communal areas. Residents are only permitted to smoke in their rooms. In addition to this, there are designated smoking areas outside the hostels.

Age Restrictions & Visitors

All our hostels are for single adults aged 18 years and over. We do not allow ANY children (under 18 years) on the premises at ANY time. This rule also applies to all visitors/guests. We do not allow visitors/guests to stay overnight and they are not permitted to go up to any residents’ bedrooms – they are allowed however to wait in the reception areas/foyers at the discretion of the staff member on duty.

Code of Conduct
  • We do not tolerate people bringing illicit drugs into the building. Where we know or suspect that this is happening we will discuss the matter and may take further action, especially if a resident is putting other staff or clients at risk or distress. We aim to maintain buildings that are free of drugs and so do not permit people to bring drugs on to the premises with the following exceptions:
  • Medications, of which staff have been made aware and are being used as directed;
  • Tobacco, although we encourage residents who smoke to access cessation services
  • Other specific substances which staff have approved.

If residents bring other substances in to the building, this will represent a breach of the Policy. Staff will take action when they know or suspect drugs are being brought on site.

In addition to this if we suspect residents of supplying drugs, they will be asked to leave immediately and the police will be called.

  • We do not tolerate people bringing alcohol or the consumption of alcohol on hostel premises. Where we know or suspect that this is happening we will discuss the matter with the resident and may take further action.
  • Weapons are not allowed on any of our hostel premises. Where we know or suspect that this is happening we will discuss the matter with the resident and may take further action.
Resident Behaviour

The comfort, safety and security of all our residents is of paramount importance to us at The Ashley Foundation. Any resident(s) who, in the opinion of our staff, compromise the comfort, safety or security of other residents, staff, volunteers, or local residents and/or property will be asked to leave the hostel premises immediately. Residents are expected to respect other residents, staff, local residents and property.

(a) The resident undertakes to conduct his/her stay in an orderly manner and in full compliance with the code of conduct of the hostel and with all applicable laws and legislation in England and Wales.

(b) Residents will be charged by The Ashley Foundation for any damages caused by inappropriate behaviour during their stay. Residents not willing to pay for said damages will have criminal charges brought against them and may also risk losing their accommodation.

(c) Any resident removing hostel property from the premise without consent of hostel management will be prosecuted.

(d) Residents are not permitted to share any passwords or keys given to them, to access the building, rooms or services, with any person not staying at the hostel.

(e) Residents are not permitted to allow anyone not registered to stay at the hostel, access to the building or the rooms within. Any resident caught bringing another person into the hostel who is not a resident of the hostel may be asked to vacate the premises immediately.

Personal Property

Some of our hostels provide personal safes in each room for small valuable items. It is the resident’s responsibility to ensure that their personal belongings are secure at all times and that when they leave their room they lock the door, they do not lend out their room key and they do not give other residents the key code to the safe in their room.

The Ashley Foundation accepts no liability for the loss, theft or damage to residents’ property, however sustained or caused. If residents own a bicycle, we strongly recommend that they use a padlock to secure the bicycle as some hostels have bicycle racks.

Replacement Keys

All our residents will be allocated a room key by the Hostel Manager. If this key is lost a charge will be made to replace it.

Damage to Hostel Property

Residents will be expected to reimburse The Ashley Foundation for any damage caused to hostel property during their stay. If the damage is caused by inappropriate behaviour and the resident(s) are not willing to pay for said damages, The Ashley Foundation may have criminal charges brought against them.

Your Information & GDPR

Under the new General Data Protection Regulations (2018) The Ashley Foundation shall only store and use information, with resident consent, which the resident has supplied to us or which is supplied to us for the purposes of providing a service. We keep this information secure and in line with our information governance policies – which are fully explained to each resident upon arrival.