Volunteer for Us

Volunteers are an integral part of The Ashley Foundation. We recognise and value the huge contribution they make and we aim to offer our volunteers a rewarding experience.

There are many reasons why people volunteer. For some, volunteering can be a route to employment, or a chance to try something new, which may lead to a career change. Our dedicated pool of volunteers regularly give a considerable amount of their time, energy, ideas and enthusiasm to the charity, free of charge, to provide invaluable support to our clients.

How to apply

Please click below to download and complete the volunteer application form and our Volunteer Co-Ordinator will be in touch to discuss the next steps. You can email the application to [email protected]  or please use the contact form.

Got a question about a volunteering role or how to apply?

Simply email us at: [email protected] or call us on 01253 297200 for more information.

To find out more about upcoming events, new roles and to celebrate the achievements of our amazing volunteers, join us on Facebook and Twitter.


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    The Ashley Foundation is committed to ensuring the secure and safe management of any data we receive and have a responsibility to ensure full compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) 2018.

    Volunteering can also be a way of:
    • Gaining new skills, knowledge and experience
    • Developing existing skills and knowledge
    • Enhancing a CV
    • Improving one’s employment prospects
    • Using one’s professional skills and knowledge to benefit others
    For others, volunteering appeals because of its social benefits. These include:
    • Meeting new people
    • Making new friends
    • A chance to socialise
    • Getting to know the local community

    We encourage applications from all sections of the community, particularly those with personal or previous experience of homelessness.